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Having twins is a great feeling. A list of twins’ names has been provided over here. Browse through this collection and name your twins with unique and lovely name.
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Knowing, Understanding.
Powerful, Highly Esteemed, Noble, Precious.
The Highest Place, Ranking.
Pure, Honest.
Glorious, Sublime.
Unique, Incomparable.
Darling, Beloved, Loved, Loving.
Wise, And Doctor
Praiseworthy, Praise.
Someone Who Praises And Commends.
Following The True Faith, Honest.
Shorter Form Of Hamid Or Hamd "Praise".
Beautiful, Good.
1. Yasser = Easy, Soft, Gentle, Mild, 2. Yusra = Happiness, Success, Wealth
Perfect, Complete.
Noble, Benevolent.
Graceful, Beautiful, Kind, Friendly, Sensitive.
Only, Unique
Glorious, Blessed.
Malik = Owner, Ruler. Malika = Queen
One To Whom The Refuge Has Been Granted Protected (By Allah).
One To Whom Is Granted A Long Life.
Honest, Sincerely Devoted To God.
Charitable, Useful, Beneficial.